Through the door

I could argue that I am having a weird dream, but its been over 10 minutes already, that i have been trying to pinch and slap myself in an attempt to extract myself from the plethoric sleep that has obviously trapped me. I am certain I am very much awake. If the absence of a warm bed I could discard as a mind game my brain has suddenly decided to take me on, then the clear absence of a juke box sound making an irritating noise every day is enough to force me to believe that I have indeed been transported beyond this realm to another of mystery.whether its time travel, alien abduction or not I have yet to investigate. One thing for sure though is : I have been spooked!

You see, I know me. I am not one to believe in witchcraft, time travel, alien abductions or anything like that which can not be scientifically clarified to me or the logical explanation of which I can accept as within the sphere of the POSSIBLE. So how do I go about exploring what has the strands of my hair completely erect and the rest of my body chilled up like some one has walked over my grave or some lost soul roaming about attempting to host my body?? Maybe I should start being fully focused at what’s at hand and stop mumbling to myself, God give me the guts I need.

Everything beyond this door as I know it has changed. What do I mean changed, its ceased to exist. There is nothing but nature as undisturbed as can be. In fact, looking  at the door knob that i am still tightly holding on to, though the door has been closed shut, it seems as if the door is just a structure that has been erected in the middle of no where. I resolve to let go of the handle if I am ever to unravel the mystery.

I must say, the air is surprisingly peaceful and fresh. it’s just a prairie with beautiful flowers and very tall grass. There are various colourful butterfly roaming about the flowers.  As I Ingress into the captivating panorama following no particular trail, I hear the sound of splashing water before it is in my vicinity and the final view of the water fall I see before me is mind-blowing! Yonder by the plunge pool is a mist that is brewing a minor cloud which makes everything I see before me so dreamy and fairy tail-ish I can’t help but keep staring in owe and wonder and hoping it does not ebb with the vapour.

The beautiful birds add on to the mistry as they, with their different sounds, form a melody that make up some lilt so friendly my body is forced to relax and release all the tension that was build earlier. I am compelled to move on and see if I will not find anything familiar that will at least give me an idea as to  my bearings at this very moment though I would love to stay a while and enjoy this picture. 

I have been walking for hours now and All I see is beauty after beauty of pure nature as unimpaired by human beings as ever. I have a fear night-time will befall me before I know the meaning of all these strangeness.I must retrace my tracks and see if the door wont be there still when i get back and then maybe then will every thing be back to normal. As if the events of the earlier hours have not been enough, a further strangeness is occurring, the places I walked past earlier are now growing familiar. It’s as though I am moving though the places along with the different eras in which man had various developments on the environment.I see houses mushrooming as I pass by. I see factories replacing the wetlands that had been a habitat- home to so many creatures but minutes ago or was it ages? The beautiful water fall now gone and in place a new disease infested water way that has a blue colour and reeking a smell that render many bed ridden. It has become a sewer mane that no one in power wants to take the responsibility for because it would translate to financial losses here and there.

I can now hear the sound of my own breathing because like a premonition I now sense that I am around familiar grounds. Gone is the strange tranquil,  infesting now is the  nightmare my reality is. There is that noise of the neighbourhood bar jukebox the staleness of the room windows  open- windows shut and my asthma. Now my struggle is to be anywhere else but my house. I go outside, wait a while, with hopes high open my door and find i am in familiar squalor. My shoulders slouch and i feel like the world’s weight has been laden all on my brittle weak shoulders and in nostalgia i yarn to go through the door… 



About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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4 Responses to Through the door

  1. Beautiful and charming!

    • ferwam says:

      thank you so much.I am I will be glued to my screen waiting for the next challenge and hoping to grow among such esteemed writers.

  2. Dugaldo says:

    Quite a glimpse of a such large span of Earth’s evolution. Keep up the good work and creativity.

    • ferwam says:

      Yet again many thanks . I guess the challenge came at the right time when around me is a controvecy whether urbanisation is good or not. The impacts it had in industrial worlds and so forth.

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