I have before me a dilemma I cannot easily swindle out of and I will follow my mothers advice and be sensible about it albeit I deal with my indecision.

So, I have before me pen, paper and a bowl of tea ( medium cup size being too small for a tea lover like myself) for inspiration.I can already enjoy the taste of the tea from the mere aroma being spread around the room.

It has a flare of freshness and a lurking tang enough to send ones toungue on a jolt with gushes of saliver excreted only from the presence of tantalising appetizers.

I feel assured of the joy ride the final tasting is going to unravel as every morsel of ingredient swirled in that bowl is the perfect portioning to brew excellent tea.

Lifting the bowl up to my mouth and sipping the contents is just the royal seal on my presumptions. The taste is certainly worthy to be enrolled in a contest and it happens to be also sweet, the way I like it.

That also happen to bring my attention back to the task at hand: get the magic portion down my throat or not? Talk about fairy tale stuff!  Me playing “Jack and the bean stock” ha! Why do the rest of the senses have to be dulled if I choose to have one improved on?? Magic!

Suddenly a splenetic mood lingers like a person walking into a death trap wide eyed but helpless from a spell of hypnosis. I hear distant echoes of a nursery rhyme sung by a very childish voice of me at age 5.

“Ka fuoa ‘me’ ea ntlhokomelang, ka matsoho a mpepa, ka molomo a nthuta puo…..( I have been given a mother, with her hands she carried me and with her mouth she tought me how to talk ….)”

The lilt gave me a wealth of knowledge as it highlighted the importance each body part played in the functioning of the whole body. It certainly did not overule tge importance of one sense over the other.

Nothing bits the feel of a loved ones touch for confirmation of the emotion we all so much seek- love. The nightmare of not ever waking up to the sound of music or the noises different birds make or hearing the words: I love you sends shivers down my spine.

Sure, I make more trips to the doctors about my eyes than I care to count. It terrifies me knowing the inevitable sight deterioration. I have always loved reading and movies and dream of joining travellers like vasco da Gama and Alice in wonderland and write about my own escapés .

So, this magic potion could really do the trick I have been praying for. Are my mountains stretched to the extend of dulling what God has so freely given?

I do surprise myself on occasion after all, I will pass on the offer. I will not trade a walk I the park with my beloved clasped hand in hand having a conversation about this and that listening to the beauty of the different sounds surrounding us .

Smelling pleasant scents from flowers and the freshly baked goodies from the nearby bakery and sharing the taste of our favourite foods.

Bugger!  As winnie the poo would say. My tea is waiting and now cold. I do have to get back to it. I prefare it hot though. Anyhow,  hot or cold, I do make pretty darn good tea.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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