daily prompt: community service- love

I know homage we paid to the martyrs of days yester and a new page we must turn but compelled I feel to dub yet more Soldiers of our time.


Soldiers of wars fought not even by the goliaths of the first or the second world war. Today I will keep shut no more because of what ghosts haunt me.

I was at a local hospital today for an eye check up and like any other public service point we waited the whole day for help to come triapsing through for the doctors and nurses were eluded of the day’s itenerary and thought they were on vacation.

First we queued for the doctor to diagnose our different ailments and before we knew it, it was lunch time right at noon! Then we waited in queue for the pharmaceutical stuff to give out the medicines at 15:00, no jokes!

I could wait, but the old woman besides me could not afford to, yet in silence she waited patiently. She was in the mid sixties and had arrived at 06:00am to collect her monthly highblood and sugar diabetes meds.

As we were beginning to dispair, they called for us to submit our medical booklets so that they can check the meds we have been prescribed. There was a God after all!

Out of the blue an angry plus size gigantic woman around the forties in age, shrieked and advanced the checkout point in complaint. She cried she deserved to be first on the line as she had been there earlier than the rest of us, mind you she had gotten there at 10.

Where did ubuntu go? In our culture we have to give respect to the elderly. She clearly had no respect for the grey hair on this old woman’s head, let alone the rest of the patients!

Still fuming inside over this display of poor manners my thoughts were put to halt by a plea from yet another mother.

She wanted to be granted permission to bypass every one else waiting on queue already due to the emergency of her child’s ailment ( the doctor had ordered that she drink the pills pronto before he could finish the entire consultation).

And ofcause we had no qualms but for the overopinionated lady with a screech. But because hers was a noisy gong, with the wind it went and the patient got the help.

What propells one to be so? I felt disgusted she was that inhuman what soiled her image even more became the muttered twaddle about the young adolescent’s ailment.

Lo to ye who nest such ignorant jest! This bereaved woman had just taken her sexually malested teenager for the 48 hours anti-HIV/AIDS virus meds. She had been alarmed by the un ebbing vomiting her daughter had been having.

Some devil had locked up the poor soul the whole night raping her non stop. My heart wept for her and tears stream down like the flowing senqu– orange river. Where I ask did humanity go?

She braved a face and still the confusion and pain on her face painted far worse agony than could be imagined. Where was thine angels Lord?

In she disappeared in the doctors examining room and we were left with more questions than before. What right did we have, lest we futher violate a crum of whats left of her privacy.

And the hidious lady laughed at her unfunny joke made at the expense of a shattered soul. Where I ask is the fun in that? She had and deserved no respect. One would think being a woman she would empathise!


I know not her full story the flower with its petals reaped, but one thing is certain: we need to stand up for the weak and preserve the innocence left in our community.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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