sad but true

Since I received the days daily prompt I have been trying to postpone scribbling my contribution because I felt it would yet again render my vulnerability a public knowledge. I do not like being cornered (I don’t think anyone does). I stall further with the pretence of reading and commenting on fellow bloggers platforms, but the nugget wont budge still. Like comedians, all artists have to risk nudity in the discovery of self the, little voice echoes on. I was simply just being artistic with my procrastination I quickly tell the voice. John Perry is one such writer who used this undesirable habit to work for him.

where was I, oh yes! I was about to share my experience of utter raw harsh criticism which I have opted to refer to as feed back. I have always thought, being a writer is a birth talent that one is obviously showered with by the Gods. I had finally reached the verge of believing in the vision everyone close to me had of being a published writer ( from different magazines, my letters, had been selected as ‘letter of the month’ hence got me some prices 🙂 ). However, still unsettling was the lack of response from several mags I had seriously pined for. I wrote other stories with the hope that just one of these days they would surely fancy my piece and publish it. I was beginning to despair.

One fine day as I got chatting with a teacher I respected, who taught English literature in a local high school, I happened to mention my predicament. I went on and on about my frustrations with not getting the response I was hoping for which would help me freelance more of my expertise . His answer was simple and glib ” you are not good enough, the stories you have been sending them are poor and a drench in a pool of boredom”. I protested, “But you haven’t even read a single piece”. He just lightly dismissed me with a short ‘I don’t need to, their silence speaks volumes!” well I never, I thought to myself, met with such ego!  But I vowed to keep my cool, besides I was the one who couldn’t  keep my predicament to myself.

He did not leave me at that with my jaw dropped to ground level nevertheless. He advised I look up some writing courses availed by several institutions and I followed through. As I awaited for the beginning of new year to enrol, I was introduced to blogging as a challenge from my husband and have since grown and can not even imagine life before wordpress! Now that I have done what  I treaded doing I must rest and sleep to gear up for the likes, comments, reblogs, etc to follow.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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