Seth Adam Smith on Why Marriage Isn’t for You

guys, I loved this read and thought it might change the direction of a failing relationship. wisdom comes in all forms and directions.

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An article has recently been making the rounds on Facebook, shared by many a person—married and single. It’s titled “Marriage Isn’t For You,” by Seth Adam Smith. And it’s truly something everyone should read.

“Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me,” Smith writes in the opening sentence of the article. The sentence itself is confusing—if it’s not for him, why is he married? Is this a breakup story? Will that beautiful photo of he and his wife kissing be an ironic tribute to love that wasn’t so true, after all?

“Now, before you start making assumptions, keep reading,” he adds next, piquing curiosity. At this point, the reader knows that the article won’t be what they expected—even if they don’t yet know what it will be about.

Smith goes on to talk about his experiences leading…

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