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The daunting task of singling out one mentor I will not attempt. I am surrounded by support systems; one after the other. Even you with various writing challenges are the very example of mentorship. I have read also that to succeed in any endeavour one has to seek mentorship to avoid re inventing the wheel or to multiply trickle down effects at the least possible effort by using the experiences of the tutors as leverage. I have also listened to  life coaches and motivational speakers who give me a lift in spirits whenever need arises.

I Know Robert kiyosaki always gives me the direction I need whenever business or my finances are in question. others worth mention are : Peter Cox with his infamous ‘deal with it’ harsh truth pill, always reminds me of how it’s important being honest with myself if not to the rest of the world even if it kills me to acknowledge such ugliness. He says just get over it and deal with it because what’s done is done. When I need to get off my behind and not mop around, I take his prescription: I deal with it. Joel Osteen is one such guy who also inspires me in his sermons.

This does not mean the guys afore-mentioned are the only people whose life wisdom I use but for your sake I mention them knowing you might have heard of their mention. Closer to home , my husband and daughter keep teaching me life lessons every day.

I learned patience with the arrival of our daughter three years back and its a trial even to date. How innocent her outlook on life is has helped introduce a lighter note to what would have normally been a serious occasion. My husband a true picture of unselfish pure loving and honesty. In fact, so honest he told me a while back while we dated that his mother thought I was way too old for him, ha! ha! for real, some one would think to leave out certain age matters when it comes to a woman!

I do have siblings and friends who likewise, inspire me on several occasions be it words of encouragement  or their character traits. I am sure I am also my daughters role model at least for now while the sun still does rise and sets with me. Yes, friends and family have mentioned me being a positive influence in their lives and many more, I aspire to help with this blog.

Just yesterday someone I am merely acquainted with joined the gym and told me I had been her inspiration. funny even, today, a colleague got mad at me during the aerobics session for getting some routine wrong as she claimed I made her miss the routine too since I am the one she mimics the exercise moves from even though the instructor is right up the stage towering over us all.

All that matters in the end is to always to let ones light shine on to others, in the dark, for all to see the beauty of Gods creations. My mother taught me well and with the lessons learned and still learning, pass on the wisdom to my own family as I also mold my daughter into a future woman and mother of the world.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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