Food for the soul (and the stomach)

Nothing breats the welcome of a series of ping backs, new followers and likes after some time off ones blog: be it for a few hours, a day, two or more. These is the affirmation one so hungrily devours on; now that’s food for the soul!


Okay, so I might be on diet now and my supper constitutes raw veggies : a carrot, some cucumber and a couple of cherry tomatoes (I am not a fan) later on, for snack, should I feel the need.

The grin gives away the attempt to fake the enjoyment of this fodder before me. But the thought of the rewards later when its time to retrospect ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who is the lightest of all on the weight scale’ is enough to give me the spirit to hold on.

A well fed soul opens doors for endless possibilities. Whatever one puts their mind to, they can achieve  with the power of of will, will power!


I was forced to take a break because my eyes needed a rest, I felt close to depression but the knowledge of the benefits to follow when I treasure my eyes kept me going until I could join my beloved WP (wordpress) family .

Thanks for today’s prompt.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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8 Responses to Food for the soul (and the stomach)

  1. i think that food is not for the soul its for the body but sole requires the peace

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