Daily prompt :come fly with me

The furthest I have been away from home is a long way from home on an entirely different continent though not totally alien to me. China, a country in Asia.

The first encounter with a plane journey. It seemed finally I would get to enjoy or hate being on board flight. Lucky for me it was enjoyable. Later at the airport in Bangkok (I think), seeing famed Starbucks live, we decided to buy some warm beverage for a treat if not to help ebb the cold that loomed about.

Looking up the vast menu of coffees and the like we decided to try something new and ordered a frapuccino. The service was fast for before ee knew it the waiter presented us with our drinks and we got the shock of our lives: the coffee was cold!

Did I mention the language barrier there was? We spoke English and they spoke something close but very straining for one to comprehend. So, there I was with my friend, appalled at the guy for serving us cold cappuccino.

Rescued by another customer who translated to the guy what we were complaining about. Imagine him telling us anything with frapa was ice cold! Ha!ha!ha! But to save face we kept a straight face and just said ok we got it but that we wanted the same thing but minus the ice.

He seemed confused and dismayed but because the customer is always right he gave us the coffee and would surely have a blust later with his friends and colleagues from our incident.

It was more than four years ago when I had the pleasure of enjoying such a trip and our destination was to be Beijing. Though later it turned out, we would get to see other cities and towns.


Perhaps what was even more exciting was the fact that the olympics were to be held there the very same year and season.

I wished my trip could have coincided with the opening ceremony of the olympic games, they always begin with a certain flare i like this games.

However the rich culture and places of interest became enough compensation for what I would miss. The forbidden city, the great wall and so many more became the imprints of my stay there.though short, the memory still lives.



The food was just diverse and eaten with strange formality but enjoyable all the same. Though most of the citizens were surprised by our skin colour and texture of our hair, wanting to poke every time as if we were straight from the wilderness,  some were just great.

I try searching for more photos but its proving to be quite a challenging task.but these few should suffice. I would definately jump at a chance to go there again.

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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