Daily prompt: Non Regional Diction

“Why O jumpa ka noto so?” Thato asked the girl he was trying to woo.
“Whatever do you mean, I ask?”
She truly wasn’t trying to be impossible but could not make out what he was saying. Flytane, a language of the streets known by mapantsola (local hippies).

“Why are you being dodgy I asked” elaborated Thato.
“Oh! I didn’t mean to be, we just don’t move about similar cycles “she replied.

By now she was getting the drift of his chat.how she hated it when guys embarrassed themselves trying to pull their charm on her!
She was afraid this would be yet another of the tiresome ‘kea o rata ‘I love you’ declaration.

“Enklerk ke ea o qawa mfoetho” meaning  “actually, I love you man”. It is a sentance formed by a combination of afrikaans, sotho and some nguni lingui( zulu or xhosa) words.

Why guys fail to assess the compatibility between themselves and their intended wooing victim was beyond her! Trying hard not to take offense she decided to focus on his dialect instead and it worked like magic.

She was interupted from deep self talk by yet another interesting phrase: “qhobas ke denga ho ringa le wena ka qava lovi la wenaeza!” Nthabiseng could only make out that he had refrained from addressing her some time because her mum had been close by.

It really wasn’t that important what he said because all she cared for at the moment was how funny it all sounded. She would have something intersting to muse over with her sisters later on. 

Unknown to Thato was the fact that she was trying to memorise his phrases to later mimic his speech to her siblings. He never stood a chance. For starters, he was just the wrong height and body physic.

She prefared taller hunky guys. She was somewhat of a giant herself and forbid it that she should subject her self to sibling redicule over the funny picture they would make if they were to be a couple.

That was not the only reason, she just didn’t feel his vibe. Well, he could be commended for his bravery. Most guys her age were intimidated by her. The guys who came to her were always older and totally wrong for her taste.she had began to think she was meant to be a nun or die an old spinster.

Well, if she was not careful, she would be chastised for being home late and since she knew better she ended the entire conversation with a short ” I dont love you back, sorry”  and left.

She knew most of her friends  thought her rude. But, seriously, why did one have to lie and say they will think more on the matter when they knew full well that they would not?

She did have a crush on a guy next door, clichè but true. He was new and just visiting for the summer and boy was he todo! Maybe if she upped her pace she might catch a climps of him going to the public standpipe to draw water.

Better even, she could go there herself and draw water. Her mother, unaware of her true intent will just commend her for being helpful around the house. Just brilliant!…

About ferwam

I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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