Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

generation XYZ

first of, I belong to the Y gene, I think, because I am always wondering why things are so. Always questioning the status quo when and when I can and can not. This is not to say other generations (X and Z) do not question stuff, but I guess it simply means that it is not a major characteristic that could be the summary of their character of mannerism as an entity.

I am a byproduct of the well known ‘ baby boomers‘ the children who became adults too soon. They (Generation X) represent a more apparently heterogeneous generation, openly acknowledging and embracing social diversity in terms of such characteristics as race, class, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, gender identity, and sexual orientation. It is further noted by Wikipedia that :

theyUnlike their parents who challenged leaders with an intent to replace them, Gen Xers are less likely to idolize leaders and are more inclined to work toward long-term institutional and systematic change through economic, media and consumer actions

I want you to get my roots. I have to make you understand my generation well so that you understand completely the wisdom I have earned from my predecessors. I have more of their traits that I care to admit and that makes me part X. I was but born in the early 80’s hence did not completely escape the radius of this generation. I am trapped in the ‘long-term institutional and systematic’ chain that cripple this gen from risk taking facilitated by the white collar training they received. In fact, they hold the highest education levels in comparison to the following age cohorts.

I would love to think I am as selfless as my parents and respectful of my elders and of those younger as a great character from the X gen. I would love to think of my character as  inclusive of others without showing impatience for others obviously alien to what I know as normal. I would love to refer to my generation as a generation with a clear mindset and purpose of a pre desired goal. Also to profess I place a lot of value on honesty, equality and ethics, but, I don’t know if I have the right. My mother and father were like mannered, it’s a surety. Me on the other hand…its a story unfolding.

Tales told of our cohort reeks of the opposite more often than one cares to admit. Demanding is a  term mostly used, when a description of our generation is made. We have been diagnosed with the entitlement syndrome. And, that I am a middle child and an extrovert does not make it any easier. I demand that the world be shaped in my favour and I lose interest easily and seek the next place where I can easily relate and feel a sense of belonging to. I am generation Y.  I want every one to get along and for life to be fun and happy for every one.

XY are the chromosomes that make up my entire being. I can not extract the Y from the X and have the other survive on its own. I am a woman of the land and respect my elders for I have learned a thing or two from them and wish I could easily glide into their shoes without feeling the discomfort of the size gap. As for those younger, I am still trying to learn a thing or two from them: ” like, whatever!*rollingeyes# TTFN”. Being me again, ta-ta for now.

enjoying simpler things in life

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I am a passionate aspiring writer who is taking baby steps to realise her dream. Though like a baby, its given I will stumble and fall, I wish to stand up and continue with my journey and encourage you all to take part in this dream.
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  6. ferwam says:

    I always feel humbled to have other writers read and comment on my scribblings. Thank you guys

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